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Weeds of the South-East Weeds of the South-East – an identification guide for Australia, Third edition
F.J. Richardson, R.G. Richardson and R.C.H. Shepherd

A comprehensive identification guide for weeds in the south-east region of Australia. This third edition has been fully updated and reorganised to recognise recent taxonomic changes and includes additional species, many new photographs and the latest distribution information.

Price $A79.95 plus $A13.50 postage. Now available.
Feral opuntioid cacti in Australia Feral opuntioid cacti in Australia: Part I
R.J. Chinnock

Part I of Bob Chinnock’s revision of weedy cacti in Australia. A field identification section provides an easy means to identify the plants and a taxonomic section contains detailed descriptions and notes on every species

Price $29.00 including postage

Flora of Melbourne Flora of Melbourne 4th edition
by Marilyn Bull (author) and George Stolfo (illustrator)

Back in print - it needs no introduction.

Price $A89.95 plus $A13.50 postage