Australian grasses
Australian grasses - a gardener’s guide to native grasses, sedges, rushes and grasstrees

by Nick Romanowski


Published in September 2011 by Hyland House, colour, 192 pages, paperback, gatefold cover.


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ISBN: 9781864471168


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Most Australian grasses are as spectacularly beautiful as the finest the rest of the world has to offer, while naturally being better adapted to our varied Australian climates. This book describes around 200 species of grasses, sedges, rushes, grasstrees and related plants, and is illustrated with photos taken in rainforests, wetlands, mallee scrub, and gardens from around the country.


Table of contents

Why Australian grasses?

Chapter 1. What are grasses, sedges and rushes?
Chapter 2. Gardening with grasses, from grasslands to formal gardens
Chapter 3. Growing, propagating, and maintaining Australian grasses
Chapter 4. A-Z of Australian grasses, sedges and rushes

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About the author


Zoologist Nick Romanowski has spent three decades working with aquatic plants. His nursery, Dragonfly Aquatics, was the first to specialise in indigenous aquatic and wetland plants, growing species from all parts of Australia. Nick's most recent books include Edible Water Gardens, a worldwide encyclopaedia of edible wetland plants, and Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture.