Gardener's companion to weeds
Gardener's companion to weeds, 2nd edition

By Suzanne Ermert


Published in 2001 by Lansdowne Publishing, colour, soft cover, 240 pages


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ISBN 1876334770 or ISBN 9781876334772

This new edition of Gardener's companion to weeds is presented in a convenient plastic jacket, perfect for grubby hands. Information on how to identify and control more than 150 common weeds and invasive plants in Australia. A weed identification guide and problem solver in one book. Discover the potential benefits and uses of many common weeds - as fertilizers and companion plants. The book is presented alphabetically by botanical name for easy reference with clear colour pictures for positive identification.


About the author

Suzanne Ermert is a horticultural journalist who has been freelance since 1994, She attained a Bachelor of Horticultural Science degree at the University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury in 1995 and gained her honours degree in 1997. A keen gardener with an interest in garden history and garden lore, she has been published in magazines such as The Australian Gardener, Country Style, The New Zealand Gardener, Gardening Australia and Australian House and Garden. She has also written for The Sydney Morning Herald. Suzanne is a member of the Horticultural Media Association.


Table of contents


How to use this book

What is a weed?

Control methods

Aquatic weeds A-Z

Lawn weeds A-Z

Garden weeds A-Z

Pastureland and wasteland weeds A-Z

Invasive plants A-Z


Index of common names

Index of botanical names