Western weeds
Western weeds: a guide to the weeds of Western Australia - 2nd edition

By B.M.J. Hussey, G.J. Keighery, R.D. Cousens, J. Dodd and S.G. Lloyd


Published 2007, by the Weed Society of WA, colour, soft cover, 312 pages


OUT OF PRINT new edition under consideration


ISBN 9780958111126 or ISBN 9780958111126

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This excellent book has now been revised and the new edition is now available. As it says in the introduction, there are about ten thousand known species of flowering plants growing wild in Western Australia. Ten per cent have been introduced and the rest are natives.


Western Weeds is a book that will help you to identify these introduced 'weeds' in agricultural and environmental areas and in gardens throughout the State. It describes about 1050 weeds, which along with 625 colour photos and 15 line drawings fills 312 pages. Descriptions range from brief to detailed with sufficient information being given, along with the photograph, to enable identification. Diagrams to explain plant structures and to aid in identification are provided in the text. A plain English glossary of botanical terms is included along with a list of declared plants that are not yet established in Western Australia.


These is also a list of plants that have been recorded in Western Australia, but not yet thought to be naturalized. The book concludes with a list of references that are useful for identifying plants and understanding their management and an index of both common and scientific names.


If you are not from the west do not be put off by the title of this book as many of the species illustrated are common in other States. Highly recommended as a very useful addition to your collection of weed books at a very low price and a most valuable book for farmers, environmentalists, gardeners, horticulturists and students.


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